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Local & National Performance Base Advertising

Useful Terms

Above the Fold

Any area on your website that is viewable without scrolling first. Also the best place for an ad to be!

Ad Network

A company that connects advertisers to web sites that host advertisements

Ad Space

The space on a web page that is reserved exclusively for banner advertisements.


The traditional type of display ad that typically runs along the top, side, or bottom of a web page. Our three banner sizes are 300×250, 160×600 and 728×90.

Behavioral Targeting

A type of online advertising targeting that allows advertisers to target potential customers based on the behavior they exhibit online (types of sites they visit, general demographics, etc.).


Cost per Thousand Impressions. The primary pricing option offered by CAPPTURE, where an advertiser pays for the number of times their ads are rendered.


Cost per Acquisition. A performance-based pricing model where the publisher assumes all the risk, and the advertiser only pays when someone completes a transaction.


Cost per Click. A pricing model where an advertiser pays every time a user clicks on one of their ads.

Category Targeting

A type of online advertising targeting that allows advertisers to target potential customers based on the interests of the site users.


A parameter used in Flash banner ads. The click-TAG is a variable that defines the destination URL and enables the ad serving networks to gain metrics such as the number of clicks, views, and on which sites these clicks and views have happened.

Click-Through Conversion

A conversion that results from a user clicking an ad and then converting as a direct result.

Click-Through Rate (CTR)

A metric used to describe the effectiveness of an individual ad. Expressed as a percentage, it is calculated by taking the number of clicks on an ad and then dividing it by the number of times the ad is shown, or the number of impressions.

Click-Through URL

The URL that users are sent to when they click on a CAPPTURE ad


A file used to identify and store a variety of pertinent information on a computer. They are placed during a user action by an external source, and can only read by the server hosting that data. CAPPTURE does not sell or license cookie information to any 3rd-party vendor.

Cookie Duration

The ability to adjust the lifetime of a cookie to target users ad different stages of the consideration cycle.


The metric used to measure a completed transaction as result of an ad. Examples include: a purchase of a product or service, sign-up for a newsletter or lead form, or a user registering for a new account.


The images and copy used in an individual CAPPTURE ad.

Demand Side Platform (DSP)

This refers to technology companies that connect with multiple ad exchanges to give individual advertisers the ability to bid on this combined inventory.

Flight/ Flight Dates

The time period and associated start and end dates of a given campaign.

Frequency Capping

Frequency refers to the rate a particular user is exposed to specific creative or campaign during a designated period of time. CAPPTURE has the ability to cap the frequency to ensure brand safety and impression efficiency.


The serving of ads to a particular geographical area or population.


The rendering of a single creative to a web site user. An individual page can generate more than one impression if there is more than one ad space on the page.


An individual or entity selling online advertising space.

Real Time Bidding (RTB)

Available when buying on an exchange, RTB allows for bidding on each impression that is available in a live auction environment. It gives advertisers the ability to maximize placement quality, ensuring they pay the lowest price.


Retargeting is an online advertising technology that sends customized ads to people who have indicated an interest in your brand by visiting your website. These users will see your ads as they navigate to their favorite blog, news site, or sports page. Technically speaking, an advertiser places a pixel, or small snippet of code, on their website to begin. This pixel identifies how potential customers interact with their website and allows for segmentation of those customers for later advertising targeting.


An optimization technique that groups an advertiser’s customers into buckets based on the pages that they visited on the advertiser’s site (ie. shopping cart, homepage, watches, socks, etc.).


The real-time, controlled distribution of advertising creative to publisher websites.

Site-Level Detail

When the information is made available by partner networks, CAPPTURE provides advertisers with the individual sites on which an advertiser’s retargeting ads are serving.

Site Targeting

A type of online advertising that allows brands to target potential customers based on the type of content being delivered on a site.

Shopping Cart Abandonment

The highest value segment in a campaign that retargets customers who placed an item in an advertiser’s shopping cart but did not complete a purchase.

Third-Party Data

Data that is purchased from third-party vendors to use in advertising targeting.


The number of site visitors.


A unique IP address visiting a website for the first time in a specified period. Here at CAPPTURE, we measure uniques over a month period.

View-Through Conversion

Conversion that measures customers who were shown an ad, but did not click on the ad, and later converted.