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Local & National Performance Base Advertising


Anyone with minimal sales experience, motivation and great phone personality can have a profitable home base business where they will see real results from their hard works. With Therightleads independent sales agent you're in it for yourself however your success is our success so you're not by yourself. Work on your own term, make your schedule or even open your full office because this is not just passive income, your effort determines  the level of your income and there's no limit to that. So don't wait join our talent pool today.

About We are an innovative online advertising network provide performance base advertisment to small and large companies. We're slowly growing yet still not able to adpot a full staff, so we're designing a new way to access talents remotely to support our sales.

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As an independent sales agent with Therightleads you'll earn revenue by:


+ Helping small to mid size businesses grow sales

+ Respond to incoming leads on a daily basis

+ Discuss our advertising products / build value

+ Help them set-up high performing website

+ Sale mobile advertising


Our trial offers makes it an easy no pressure sale

It's no magic what we do here. Most small business owners will already know the value of our product but may not be to clear on the main benefit. Your main responsibility will be to help them understand how we will change their business and invite them to try it either for free or with just $50 that's all.

What you'll get


1. Sales tips and insight

2. Free email marketing portal

3. Free hot incoming leads

4. Business email list (0.10)

5. Unlimited business address

6. Free CRM to manage pipelines

7. Publisher account option

8. 20% on on first deposit

9. 10% residual for every refill

10. Bonus for every 5 client

11. Bonus for every 10 Client

12. Personal admin back office

13. Co-Manage your own clients



What you'll be doing

Your success will depends on how faithful you are to these simple duties and obligations.

1. Place calls to prospects:  warm

2. Maintain email communication

3. Follow up on hot in-coming leads promtly

4. Focus on getting 3 register per pay

5. Send direct mail to businesses

6. Build rapport with your clients

7. Manage and overview you customers

8. Maintain a healthy referral system

9. Monitering campaign for clients

Requirement & Qualification

Due to the very minimal trainning we provide we will give first consideration to individuals with advertising sales background.

1. At least one year telephone sales.

2. Be responsible for any fees ( not to us)

3. Be self sufficient during first 3-6 mths

4. Agree to our ISA Standards

5. File W-9 tax form

6. Quiet working space

7. Reliable phone line

Note: We do not charge any fees to join our remote team. Any  fees that you may encounter as an effort to satisfy our requirement is your responsibility. No fee will ever be requested from us. We provide the leads to you.

Earning & Payment


Earning Expectation:

New agent: $300-1,000 / month

Established: $3,000-6,000 / month

Top performing: $10,000+ /  month


1. Earn $100 per premium account

2. Earn $50 residual for every refill

3. Earn 10% off publisher network

4. $100 Bonus for every 5 sign up

5. Perks, gifts and rewards to top agents


Realistic Earning Projection


Make 100+ dials each day.

speak to 20-50 business owners

Easily get 3-7 to try for free

1-3 will convert to paying customers.

Making your earning $100-300/day


Payment Method


1. PayPal

2. Check

3. Payment on a Net 30 basis

4. Direct deposit available

Getting Started: We provide you all the resources you need to be successful.

If you are qualify and want to be part of our independent sales agent network email me at ""